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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Perchlorate in California Drinking Water
The California Department of Health Services has created a web page detailing the dangers of this chemical used for rocket propellant that has been detected in neighboring counties' water supplies:

GED Preparation Resources on the Web
Need some help studying for the GED? Check out this list of GED study resources on the web:

Chick Lit
The Baltimore City Paper recently published several articles on the popularity of the Chick Lit genre:

Also see's Chick Lit Author Roundtable:

Monday, August 02, 2004

Judge rules Espinosa must pay $30,000
Judge Yuri Hofmann has ordered Richard "Rik" Espinosa to pay $29,362.50 to the City of Escondido to cover costs incurred by fighting the recent lawsuit. Espinosa had unsuccessfully sued the city after claiming the cat living in the library had attacked his assistance dog.

New kind of Internet hoax
The New York Times reports on the latest kind of Internet hoax - bloggers passing themselves off as someone they are not or purporting to be presenting facts. Remember to always confirm the authority of any information you find on the web: